view from the ground up looking at dying canopy of ash trees

Aggressive action in Minnesota slowing spread of tree-killing beetle

December 9, 2019

(Pioneer Press) Rob Venette, an adjunct associate professor and director of the Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pest Center in CFANS, is quoted. 

dairy cows in a free stall barn with feed

Dairy industry poised for shake-up

December 8, 2019

(Black Hills Business) Marin Bozic, an assistant professor in CFANS, is quoted. 


Students gather, exploring relationship between climate change, Indigenous peoples

December 8, 2019

(Minnesota Daily) U of M Twin Cities student Charles Golding and Michael Dockry, an assistant professor in CFANS, are quoted. 

screenshot of the video "Grow With KARE", three people stand at a table of foods

Grow with KARE: What's New at the U?

December 6, 2019

(KARE11) [Video] The Forever Green Initiative in CFANS is featured. Lois Braun, a researcher in CFANS, is mentioned.

Fresh golden french fries spilling out of a cup with a container of ketchup in the background

Our french fry supply is safe for now, but the future is uncertain

December 5, 2019

(Popular Science) Laura Shannon, an assistant professor in CFANS, is quoted.

a coyote peers around some brush

Minnesota’s urban coyote population is growing, but pet attacks remain rare

December 5, 2019

(MPR News) Nick McCann, a postdoctoral research associate in CFANS, is quoted. 

An independent grape breeder shows off one of his varieties

Science-driven Minnesota wines pioneer the unforgiving North

December 4, 2019

(City Pages) U of M research is featured. Matthew Clark, an assistant professor in CFANS, is quoted.

Cashiers manage a line of people waiting to pay for their selections at the meat and dairy sales room

Inside the University of Minnesota's secret meat and cheese market

December 4, 2019

(StarTribune) The Dairy and Meat Salesroom on the U of M Twin Cities campus in St. Paul is featured. Jodi Nelson, senior lab services coordinator in CFANS; Dallas Dornick, senior lab technician in CFANS; Amy Mathiowetz, a research assistant in CFANS; and Rachel Mitacek, a graduate student in CFANS, are quoted


a researcher in a pink hat uses flags to mark where the invasive species buckthorn is grown amongst trees

U of M center battles hungry invasives

December 2, 2019

(Pioneer Press) The Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pest Center (MITPPC) in CFANS is featured. Rob Venette, an adjunct associate professor and director of MITPPC, is quoted. PDF.

a harvesting machine pulled behind a green tractor dumps potatoes into a truck

Agriculture and climate: challenges and solutions

November 27, 2019

(White Bear Press) Professor Tracy Twine, Department of Soil, Water and Climate comments. Forever Green Initiative research is featured.