Hilariia Ponce studies flowers

Our Calling

In the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences (CFANS) we look at the bigger picture. When we envision a better tomorrow, it includes disease-resistant crops, products that protect our health, lakes free from invasive species, and so much more. We use science to find answers to the world’s grand challenges and solve tomorrow’s problems.

Every day our students, faculty and staff use science to create a world that will feed our growing population while sustaining the natural resources upon which we depend.

Few other public universities come close to the breadth of our expertise, allowing us to tackle challenges in novel ways. We develop leaders that see more possibilities and produce solutions that work for real people. This creates a powerful force for change.

Hops research at the Southern Research and Outreach Center in Waseca, Minnesota

Our Reach

Twelve academic departments and 10 research and outreach centers make up our college, along with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the Bell Museum, and dozens of interdisciplinary centers.

As part of a major urban university located in the heart of the Twin Cities, we also provide immersive study opportunities across the state. Our living laboratories allow students, faculty, and staff to study throughout Minnesota’s diverse ecosystems.

Undergraduate students can choose from 14 majors and more than 25 minors. We also have 13 graduate programs. Our students complete their degrees and leave here well prepared for the workforce because of our emphasis on hands-on learning, internships, and global perspectives.

Almost 93 percent of students who earn CFANS undergraduate degrees find jobs in their career field or enter graduate school within six months of graduation.

With a legacy of innovation — both the Honeycrisp apple and the process of artificially inseminating dairy cows were born here — our research has made a difference, both large and small, in many lives.

Learn about how we deliver bold science to Minnesota (.pdf)

Our Mission

Don Wyse (center), Adrian Hegeman (right), and A. Cece Martin (left) with native plants whose flowers are being tested for cosmetic uses in addition to their primary use as biomass fuel. Project funded by Aveda Corp.

To inspire minds, nourish people, and enhance the natural environment.

Our Vision

To advance Minnesota as a global leader in food, agriculture, and natural resources through extraordinary education, science-based solutions, and dynamic public engagement that nourishes people and enhances the environment in which we live.

Our Roadmap

Bringing our land-grant mission to life through our priorities.

Honors & Awards

We celebrate achievements across food, agriculture, and natural resources by awarding our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends with accolades each year. View more details about Borealis Night of Excellence, the Siehl Prize for Excellence in Agriculture, or collegiate awards.