Services for Business & Government

Research Analytical Laboratory

The Research Analytical Laboratory conducts elemental chemical analysis on inorganic compounds, such as compost, plant and animal tissue and many other materials.

Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center

The Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center is a collaborative effort between dairy farmers and land-grant universities with a mission of providing responsive, agile, thorough and comprehensive product research, and for dairy processing students.

Pilot Plant

A teaching and research resource, the Pilot Plant—also known as the Joseph J. Warthesen Food Processing Center—is a state-certified food production facility available to companies evaluating new process and product lines.

Sensory Center

The Sensory Center provides a full range of sensory evaluation and consumer testing methodologies including test design and data analysis. The center conducts sensory tests and sensory research for food companies and private research corporations as well as for university research projects.

Minnesota Climatology Working Group

Learn about current and historic climate conditions, agricultural climate data and how the state can and should adapt to climate change via this group of scientists from the U of M and Minnesota State Climatology Office.