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Our office brings a variety of programs and services to create an inclusive climate for students, staff, and faculty within CFANS. We value diversity of views and experiences and believe that each person has something to gain from and offer our community through learning, discovery, and outreach.

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CFANS offers a series of inclusive events, hosted by several college partners, highlighting the critical role that diversity and inclusion play in enhancing community life and vibrancy, inquiry, teaching and practice, and our ability to drive innovation across all disciplines. If you have event suggestions and/or stories you'd like to be included on our website, contact us at


CFANS supports numerous resources and initiatives to advance its diversity and inclusion mission, explore these opportunities below.

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American Indian Initiatives

  • Nibi and Manoomin Symposium: A partnership between reservation communities of the upper Midwest and the University of Minnesota, this group works to build understanding within the university of the significant role that wild rice (manoomin, Zizania palustris) plays within the communities of the Anishinaabe people of the upper Midwest and Cree of Canada, and the threats to wild rice in the future.
  • Native American Medicine Garden (NAMG): This garden represents hope for a sustainable food system and the healing of Native peoples whose health and traditions have been devastated by the loss of their ancestral environments.

Learn more about these initiatives and read Dean Buhr's recent statement on the NAMG

Courses, Workshops and Training

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion provides diversity and social justice workshops and trainings that seek to educate our campus community about equity and pluralism as it relates to the experiences of marginalized populations. These workshops aim to highlight differences that matter in the context of gaining access to historically exclusive spaces. The goal is to create a baseline of expectations that allow for members of our community to show up and feel valued, respected, able to flourish, and are unobstructed in their pursuit of excellence. ODI will work with faculty to tailor workshops to their needs. Check the University of Minnesota's Office of Equity and Diversity for central education and training opportunities. 

CFANS ECHO: The ECHO (Equity Certificate Hosted Online) is the Office for Equity and Diversity’s​ (OED) online Equity and Diversity Certificate program. CFANS ECHO is a duplicate of OED ECHO and is offered by the CFANS Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI). Learn more about this program, including details on the workshop progression, how to sign up, and who can attend workshops.

Deans Engaged Leaders Program (DELP): Details coming soon.

On-demand Workshops: Details coming soon.

Request Sponsorship or Collaboration: Details coming soon.

Request Workshops or Speakers: Details coming soon.

Request Accessibility Accommodations: Details coming soon.

Student Workshops: Each semester there will be virtual events for undergraduate and graduate students. These events allow for CFANS BIPOC students to meet one another and get to know our office, as well as other University resources.

Learn more about these opportunities

For additional information about these programs and more, please contact the Office for Diversity and Inclusion at For faculty and staff resources, please visit the CFANS intranet site. And, for additional information and resources within the university and the greater community, please visit the U of M’s Office for Equity and Diversity.

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