CFANS Mentor Program: Information for Students

Application for 2020-2021

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The 2020-2021 CFANS Mentor Program year will need to incorporate more virtual connections than years past due to best practices and University guidance in light of COVID-19. We anticipate that students will be navigating a schedule mixed with in-person and remote classes, and will need to shift various parts of mentor relationships to remote connections. Complete your mentor program application by September 28, 2020. 

Before starting your application, please read the following notes: 

  1. Pay close attention to the essay portion of your application. Your essay provides us with important information for the matching process, so be sure to make your response thorough and specific.
  2. The application requires you to submit a copy of your resume in PDF format. Need help with your resume? Contact Career and Internship Services for support.
  3. All students will be required to complete a virtual mentor program orientation. During the application, you'll be asked to select an orientation date/time in September or October.

The CFANS Mentor Program is designed to provide you with an opportunity to explore your field of interest and enhance your professional skills outside the classroom. Your mentor can help you make professional connections, answer questions about your field of career interest and give you feedback on your job search skills. The relationship is not designed to provide you with employment; mentors should not be solicited for job leads within their company. Think about your career goals and interests and what you would like to accomplish in this mentoring relationship.

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Mentors have volunteered their valuable time to help guide students with their career goals. With our commitment in providing mentors with above average and proactive CFANS students willing to learn, comes a commitment on your part to fulfill our expectations. To participate in the program you must:

  • Initiate regular contact with your mentor via phone, email and/or meetings, be proactive and willing to meet your mentor at least once a month, and see the relationship through to its official end.
  • Discuss your goals, needs, and what you hope to gain from the relationship with your mentor.
  • Act professional at all times, and return phone calls/emails in a timely fashion.
  • Complete program evaluations when appropriate.

Student Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the CFANS Mentor Program, you must be in good academic standing within your undergraduate or graduate program, submit a resume with your application, and attend the mandatory information session offered prior to the application submission deadline. The deadline for applications for the 2020-2021 is September 28, 2020

Please be sure that you have submitted and completed all parts of your application, particularly the short essay that describes your career goals. A complete application will not only help us in making the best match possible, but will also assist in introducing you to your mentor and providing us with the proper contact information to stay in touch with you about your match. Your application will be sent directly to your mentor and will be the first impression your mentor has of you. We will not consider you for the program if you submit an incomplete application.

If you do not have a resume, Career Services can help! Write up a draft using the resources on the Career Services website, and set up an appointment to polish it with a career counselor. 

Making a Match

Matches are based on the available mentors in your chosen field as well as student and mentor preferences as indicated in the applications. We make every attempt at matching the student's major and interests with the mentor's area of expertise whenever possible. You will be notified of your match prior to the kick-off event.


While CFANS has had excellent success with the mentor program, there is the chance that problems may occur. If you have difficulty reaching your mentor or encounter any problems in the program, immediately contact the mentor program committee.