CFANS Mentor Program

About the Program 

Each year the CFANS Mentor Program, hosted by the CFANS Alumni Society, matches approximately 200 students and post-docs with alumni and industry professionals who share valuable career insights and guidance. Through this award-winning program, students and post-docs explore possible career paths, learn how to build their professional networks, and enhance their professional skills. The CFANS Mentor Program welcomes all enrolled students—undergrad, grad and post-doc, and professionals—alumni and non-alumni—from CFANS-related fields to apply. All applicants are intentionally matched to help mentees achieve their professional goals, led by the experience and wisdom of their mentor. As a mentor-mentee pair, participants will:

  • Connect with their mentor/mentee once a month (in-person or virtually) during the program year November through May.
  • Establish and maintain regular communication between meetings through emails or phone calls.
  • Identify goals the mentee would like to accomplish during the program.
  • Attend events, workshops, panels, and networking events facilitated by the CFANS Mentor Program.
  • Participate in a job-shadow hosted or arranged by the mentor, as one is able.

"I’m so glad that I decided to participate in the mentor program and I can see myself coming back as a mentor once I become established in my future career. The community and support that is offered by the mentor program is unmatched and is a great way to build your network as a student." —Mentee

"I am so proud of my mentee and the growth they have expressed over the past few months. We reached goals together and I feel fulfilled from this experience knowing a program that helped me (as a previous mentee) is also influential for others and that I can help contribute to this positive change." - Mentor

Mentoring in this program happens across all CFANS related fields, from animal science and nutrition to forestry and conservation biology. Explore the CFANS majors and minors list for a better understanding of disciplines studied and related industries.

Questions? Email Abby Little, Program Manager at