Repeating a Course

According to University policy, an undergraduate student may repeat a course only once. If you are an undergraduate student who repeats a course, both grades for the course will appear on your official transcript, but the number of credits is only counted once, and only the last enrollment will count in your GPA. The grade you earn during the last enrollment will count in your GPA, even if that grade is lower.

For example, if you received an 'F' in a 3-credit course and take it a second time to earn a 'C' grade, both the 'F' and the 'C' will appear on your transcript. However, your GPA will only account for the 'C' grade, and you will only receive 3 credits toward your degree requirements.

If you earn an 'N' in a course you are repeating because you previously earned an 'F' in the course, the 'F' grade will continue to be calculated in your GPA.