Academic Probation and Suspension

Students in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) are expected to maintain an academic standing that will enable them to meet minimum requirements for graduation upon completion of the required number of credits in the major that they have selected. A complete description of the college probation standards is available here. The primary consideration in evaluating probation status is the semester and cumulative GPA on student transcripts. 


Student progress is monitored each semester. A student will be placed on probation (and will remain on probation) if either the term or the cumulative GPA is below 2.00. A student on probation will have a hold placed on his or her record and must see an advisor in order to register.

CFANS requires students on probation to complete a Semester Reflection Worksheet. Students will be given an override for the probation hold to enable them to register when they have met with an advisor and completed the Semester Reflection Worksheet. At the end of the probation term, if the term and cumulative GPA are at least 2.00, the student will be removed from probation.


A student is suspended if at the end of the probation term (semester), both the term and the cumulative GPA are below 2.00. A suspension is effective on the first day of the next fall or spring term.

When suspended, a student is no longer in the program and cannot register for University courses for at least one full academic year. All colleges at the University recognize the probationary holds and do not allow students, including non-degree seeking, with these holds to register without the approval of the college placing the hold. Students may appeal suspension decisions or petition for re-admission in writing to the college's Student Scholastic Standing Committee (SSSC) by submitting a petition for reinstatement. Re-admission after a period of suspension is not automatic. To be re-admitted, a student must show evidence of changes in circumstances that demonstrate that the student will succeed in an academic program.

Upon return to CFANS after petitioning to reenter, students will be placed on probation, and CFANS shall use a probation hold and contract for the purpose of monitoring the student's performance. If the student does not successfully complete the contract, he or she shall be suspended again, but then shall be required to reapply for admission, rather than petition to reenter.

Campus Resources

Students in academic difficulty should consider investigating campus resources that can assist them with getting their academic program back on track. 

  • The SMART Learning Commons, with locations at Walter Library (East Bank), Magrath Library (St. Paul), and Wilson Library (West Bank), offers one-on-one assistance as well as group support for help in over 250 courses, media services, and library research.
  • Student Counseling Services, Coffey Hall (St. Paul) and Appleby Hall (East Bank). Counseling staff is available to work with students on personal and or career issues that may be impacting their success in the classroom.
  • The GPA Calculator through One Stop. The calculator can help determine how many credits and what kind of GPA you will need to meet the GPA objectives you have for yourself.