Animal Science

As an Animal Science major, you’ll develop knowledge and understanding of physical and biological sciences while getting hands-on experiences with a variety of animal species. Additionally, you’ll gain communication and problem-solving skills to take forward in your career.


Companion Animals: This track combines animal sciences (including animal biology, nutrition, and health) with a focus on the behaviors and societal impact of pets.

Equine/Horses: This track incorporates core animal sciences with a focus on horses and the horse industry.

Industry and Business: This track concentrates on business, communication, and technical animal science. You’ll be prepared for a variety of careers in agribusiness.

Production: This track focuses on food animals or exotic/zoo animals. It prepares students for careers in livestock management, animal nutrition, animal reproduction, or zoo keeping.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Science: This track meets the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s entrance requirements, and prepares students for other careers related to animal science.

VetFAST/Veterinary Food Animal Scholars Program: The VetFAST Program is a fast-track to veterinary school for students who want to work specifically with food animals.


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