Internships: Tips & Resources

It's a good idea to participate in one or more internships while you're in college. Internships help you gain experience, learn about a profession, develop skills, and build a network. Many employers and grad schools seek candidates with internship experience.

CFANS students can connect with the Career and Internship Services office to learn more about internships, or to get help finding an internship. Below are some of their resources and advice:

CFANS Internship Classes

CFANS offers a variety of internship classes. Many are specific to your major. Visit your major department's website or talk to your advisor for information about an internship class that may be appropriate for you. Some internship classes fulfill the CFANS experiential learning requirement.

Career and Internship Services also offers an internship course which meets the experiential learning requirement for many majors, CFAN 3096: Making the Most of Your Internship. This course is designed to enhance an internship experience through goal-setting, self-reflection, and building skills to leverage the experience in future internship and job searches.

Funding for Unpaid Internships

CFANS offers multiple Undergraduate Internship Grants, worth up to $1000. These provide financial assistance to CFANS students doing an unpaid internship in spring, fall, or summer. This is a competitive grant you must apply for. For detailed information, visit this page and click the CFANS Internship Grant link.

Additionally, check out all of these external, CFANS-related scholarships. Applying for these financial awards now may enable you to accept an unpaid internship later!