5 questions with Ashley: Meet a nutrition alumna

April 20, 2021
Nutrition alumna Ashley Oswald.

Five Questions with Ashley

Ashley Oswald, RDN, IFNCP, CNSC, CLT, LD
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Didactic Program in Dietetics, 2011
Dietitian and Founder, Oswald Digestive Clinic LLC

Describe your current job. What does it look like on a weekly basis?

Currently, I am working to grow our clinic, which includes everything from getting us contracted with insurances, setting up system processes, networking, building out our gut health course offerings, creating videos for our YouTube channel, collaborating with the other ODC team members and discussing and tasking clinic projects, and more. 

Ashley Oswald.

What do you most enjoy about your current role?

I most enjoy the creativity in thinking of ways to grow the clinic that will provide the best care and offerings to our clients and make for an enjoyable work environment for our team. I am excited about the possibilities as we continue to scale, especially in creating job opportunities for functional nutrition dietitian nutritionists. 

What was the best or most rewarding part about being an nutrition student?

The most rewarding part of being a nutrition student was getting to meet and collaborate with others who are passionate about nutrition, from teachers to colleges and administrative staff, while of course learning and creating a solid foundation in nutrition science.

How did your experiences in the major support your career goals?

One of the biggest ways going to the U of M has supported my career goals, is in the connections I made. I’m so grateful to now get to collaborate with the university on ways to improve the nutrition program, including being able to offer an internship experience to undergraduate students that can be used for class credit. 

Why did you choose CFANS?

I chose CFANS because of it being a large university in a large city, which provides more opportunities than other dietetics programs.

Thanks for sharing more about your experience in our college and beyond, Ashley. We are CFANS proud of you!

As a nutrition student, you will explore how nutrients and the foods from which they are derived aid the body in growth and development and in maintaining health and wellness. With the national and international concern for the effects of food and nutrition on health and wellness as well as disease, there are many career opportunities for the graduates of this program.