As a Nutrition student, you will explore how nutrients and the foods from which they are derived aid the body in growth and development and in maintaining health and wellness. With the national and international concern for the effects of food and nutrition on health and wellness as well as disease, there are many career opportunities for the graduates of this program.


Nutrition Studies: This is a popular and flexible track. You will take core courses in Nutrition, and you can enhance your studies with elective classes to add a minor or area of emphasis such as health science, public policy, sustainable nutrition/food systems, health and wellness, health education, business/entrepreneurial/management, government regulation, food safety, food-service management, culinary science, and more. This track is also popular for students who want to double major in Nutrition and another field.

Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD): This is an accredited program for students who want to become registered dietitians or nutritionists. DPD graduates are well prepared for many exciting careers and for entering other health science programs.

Nutritional Science: This track is geared toward students who want to pursue a graduate degree in a biology-related field or a professional degree in health fields such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, research, and more. To prepare students for graduate programs, this track includes advanced science and math courses.


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