Advancing Minnesota with AGREETT

February 16, 2022

In 2021, the Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Tech Transfer program (AGREETT) welcomed two new CFANS faculty members. AGREETT funds, approved by the Minnesota legislature, bring research faculty, graduate students and Extension to the University to tackle the critical challenges facing agriculture today. AGREETT advances our state’s food, economy, communities, and environment — making Minnesota healthier and more sustainable for all its residents.

Megan McCaghey.

Megan McCaghey, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Plant Pathology. An expert in soil-borne fungal diseases of crop plants, she is interested in the ecology and epidemiology of soil-associated fungi and oomycetes, and enhancing host disease resistance to improve crop management.  

“As an AGREETT faculty member, I want to conduct translational, grower driven research to progress tools for plant disease management,” said McCaghey. “I look forward to building a network of grower, UMN, and regional colleagues to better understand disease challenges and pursue important research questions related to soilborne fungi.”

Isaac Salfer.

Isaac Salfer, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science. His research focuses on understanding the metabolic physiology of dairy cattle to develop nutritional strategies to enhance the productivity and efficiency of dairy operations. 

“As a U of M alumnus, I have an immense appreciation for the investment the state has made in the AGREETT program,” said Salfer. “I am excited to use my role as a teaching and research faculty member to help advance the AGREETT mission, and educate future generations of leaders within the dairy industry.”

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