Black History Month: Advancing Agriculture

In Advancing Agriculture, members of CFANS’ Black community share their pathways in agriculture. From student researchers to faculty members and alumni, their contributions have an impact here in Minnesota and around the world. 

Throughout the year and during Black History Month, we celebrate the individuals and communities who continue to make Black history—in animal science, plant breeding, sustainable agriculture and beyond.


Featured Stories

George Annor

Associate Professor George Annor has always been passionate about the science behind the transformation of food, from raw material to finished product. He studies cereals and grains and how their components impact food applications.

Patrice Bailey

Patrice Bailey, Assistant Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, works in his role to provide resources to farmers and rural community members facing barriers to entry in agriculture.

Samrawit Gebeyehu

Samrawit Gebeyehu centers her PhD work on her interest in the profound impact that genetics can have on African animals. This fascination drives her commitment to understanding and contributing to advancements in genetic practices within agriculture.

Jakeisha Lewis

Through the SOAR-REEU program at CFANS, Jakeisha Lewis conducted summer research in the GEMS Informatics Lab; the program allows students to pursue their passion for sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Zac Jones

Zac Jones decided to study nutrition after exploring alternative career options with a guidance counselor. He feels inspired by the diversity of diets and cultural food traditions.

Mesay Doyamo

Mesay Doyamo's career in the classroom allows him to share his love of agriculture with students and FFA members on a daily basis. His passion as an Ethiopian Diaspora agriculture teacher is woven into the quest for equity within the agricultural realm.

Jessica Barbosa Oliveira

Master's student Jessica Barbosa Oliveira is passionate about food production and taking care of soil. She works together with East African farmers to produce research-based information on culturally relevant crops. 

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