WiFi Printing: Send a Document to an CFANS-Managed Printing Location

As a student, you are able to print in CFANS-managed printing locations using your personal laptop that is connected to the Twin Cities campus Eduroam or UMN Secure WiFi network. You can also print from remote locations when you are connected to the University of Minnesota's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

First install the appropriate print drivers for your operating system on your laptop. Once the print drivers are installed, anytime you want to print you can send a document to CFANS locations.

Printing Directions

  1. From the open document, select Print as you normally do.
  2. Select printer "CFANS_WiFi_Printers or CFANS-WiFi-Coffey50
  3. You will see a popup window. Enter your Internet ID and a short, temporary password. This password keeps others from deleting or releasing your print job by mistake. The password applies only to the current print job, and you'll need it in order to pick up your print job.
  4. Go to the CFANS locations with the print release station, located near the printers.
  5. Swipe your UCard, with the magnetic strip facing out. If it says "ERROR: LOW BALANCE," that means your UCard has an insufficient amount of CFANS print tender funds to process your print job.
  6. Select your print job, and enter the password you created when you sent the print job from your laptop.
  7. Select Print to receive your print job.
  8. Your print job will stay in the wifi print queue for 60 minutes.