Adding Courses

Through the end of the second week of classes, you can usually change your registration and A-F and S-N grading options without restriction. Registration changes during this period are not recorded on students' transcripts. Specific deadlines for cancellations and grade changes for each college are listed in the Class Schedule and can be found online through One Stop under the Registration Forms heading.

After the first week of the semester, you may add a class only with permission from the instructor. After the end of the second week, permission is required from both the instructor and the Student Scholastic Standing Committee. The Student Scholastic Standing Committee seldom grants entry to regular courses after the second week.

Students can find Cancel/Add Request forms in the CFANS Advising/One Stop Center in 130 Coffey Hall, or online through One Stop Forms under the Registration Forms heading. If you are adding a course after the deadline, you must fill out the Cancel/Add Request form and turn it in at the CFANS Advising Center in 130 Coffey Hall.

Students are required to attend the first day of class or risk being dropped from the course. As per University policy, students who initially register on time but who do not attend class until after the first day may continue only with permission of the instructor.

You must process any registration changes online via the University's online registration system, or at One Stop in 130 Coffey Hall.