Scholarships for Transfer Students

Transfer applicants are those who apply to CFANS with at least 26 semester credits earned after graduation from high school. These credits may be from another college within the University of Minnesota system or any other institution of higher education.

CFANS scholarships are awarded by academic year with a Fall/Spring aid disbursement cycle.

Transfer students who apply during spring semester and will begin their CFANS studies the following fall are automatically reviewed for scholarship eligibility; no separate application is required.

Transfer students starting spring semester will have current student status by the time the next scholarship cycle takes place. Please see scholarships for current students for more information.

Because the committee will use your admissions application to make scholarship decisions, we encourage you to complete it with as much detail as possible – including a career goal statement. There is no need to apply for specific scholarships. The committee will screen transfer student applications and make decisions based on your application.

CFANS considers students who submit their admission application by the priority deadlines for fall or spring admission first. Those who apply after these dates will be considered on a funds-available basis.

Admitted students who are awarded a scholarship will receive notification from CFANS within two months of the admissions decision. If you also applied for federal financial aid by completing the FAFSA, you will receive a second notice that outlines your complete financial aid package, including grants, scholarships, loans, expected parental contribution, etc.