Plant Science

As a Plant Science major, you’ll study the growth and development of plants. After taking core courses, all Plant Science majors work with an advisor or mentor to develop their own specialization. This gives you the freedom to focus on the plant-related topics that most interest you for your future career.


Plant Breeding: Study how to develop new cultivars of crops (fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers, turf) through standard breeding as well as biotechnology and molecular biology. Integrated Plant Breeding BS/MS track option available.

Horticultural Production: Focus on plant growth and sustainability to produce edible and/or ornamental crops.

Nursery and Floriculture: Study how to schedule, propagate, and manage the growth of plants in nurseries, greenhouses and botanical gardens.

Sustainable Plant Health: Study the needs of plants in relation to nutrients, pathogens and insects.

Turfgrass Science: Focus on plant physiology and the management of home lawns, parks, athletic fields and golf courses.

Agroecology: Focus on the interaction of plants with their environment. Study soils, plant physiology and ecology.

Agronomy Production: Focus on studies related to grain and forage crop production. Most courses focus on plant growth and sustainability. You will study topics such as Minnesota Crop Plants, Functional Crop Diversity, Management Strategies for Crop Production, and learn about precision agriculture techniques.


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