Agricultural Communication and Marketing

Agricultural Communication & Marketing (ACM) is a unique major that combines a passion for food, agricultural and natural resource sciences with fundamental real-world skills in strategic communication, leadership and marketing as well as business management and a choice of science specialization, or track. Course topics range from video production and social media campaigns to layout/design, podcasting, digital storytelling, and communicating science to the public, among others. ACM students learn how to build understanding, share knowledge, increase awareness and make valuable contributions to the dynamic and evolving fields of food and agriculture.


Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences: Apply leadership, marketing, communications, and human resource development skills to a broad range of agricultural focus areas including plant science, animal science, and natural resources.

Crops and Soils: Explore the world of agricultural production inputs (e.g., seeds, fertilizers, crop-protection products) while building a solid foundation in marketing, leadership, and communication.

Food Industries: Advance complex problems facing food industries and consumers. Combine understanding of food and life sciences with marketing, leadership, communication, and business management skills.


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Major Coordinator

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