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Orientation in Summer 2023

In-line with our mission of supporting each student in their transition to the U of M, it is our priority to offer a high-quality, dynamic orientation experience for all incoming students. We look forward to welcoming you to campus.

What You Need to Do

Activate your University Internet ID

Complete the Claim Account online form to activate your University of Minnesota internet account. Be sure to keep a record of your Internet ID and password. You will need this information in order to register for classes and access other services and systems as a University of Minnesota student.

Complete the New Student Checklist

Once you have confirmed your enrollment, you should complete the New Student Checklist as soon as possible. Access to the New Student Checklist is granted in late March or after you have paid your confirmation fee to the University of Minnesota, whichever is later. Please note, confirmation fees are not processed after business hours or on weekends, and access to the Checklist can take up to 48 hours once the fee is processed.

Please note: You will be asked to report any AP/IB/CIS/PSEO or other credits you have earned or anticipate earning. Make sure to have this information available when you complete the checklist.

Transfer Students

You only need to report information that does not appear on your official transcript(s) or that has not already been submitted to the Office of Admissions.

Stay Connected

For updates, reminders, and answers to frequently asked questions about orientation, keep an eye on your UMN email account. We are excited to have you join the CFANS community, and we look forward to supporting you along your academic journey.