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An education at CFANS opens up a world of opportunity. Interested in exploring how science aligns with topics like animal health, business, technology, sustainability, conservation, human welfare, or education? Our 14 undergraduate majors and pre-majors are designed to help you confront the grand challenges we face while also giving you the experience required to start a successful career. 

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Application Deadlines

Early Action Deadline I—November 1
Students who submit their complete applications by the November 1 deadline will receive an admission decisions by January 31.

Early Action Deadline II—December 1

Students who submit their complete applications by the December 1 deadline will receive an admission decisions by February 15.   

Regular Deadline—January 1
Students who submit their complete applications by the January 1 deadline will receive admission decisions by March 31.    

Confirmation Deadline—May 1
When students confirm their enrollment, they are declaring their intent to attend the University of Minnesota, and we will reserve a place for them in the incoming class.

Admissions Requirements

Admission decisions are based on a very careful, holistic assessment of each student's academic preparation and performance, as well as any additional information provided in the application. Note that no single factor is the deciding factor in the decision. Applicants are first considered for admission to the colleges listed in their application, in the order in which they are listed.  

Strong grades in math, science, and relevant electives are important, but we encourage you to mention any extracurricular activities that are related to what you want to study in your application. Here are some examples of activities that successful applicants have listed:

  • 4H
  • FFA
  • Science Olympiad 
  • Individual research projects
  • Community service or volunteering
  • Job experiences or shadowing
  • Personal interests and hobbies
  • Household responsibilities that are related to your field of interest

More information on admission requirements, review factors, and programs can be found on the U of M admissions website.


We're proud to say that...

  • 95% of graduates reported finding employment or entering graduate school within six months of graduation.

  • 100% of CFANS students graduate with hands-on experience in their field of interest.


All incoming CFANS freshmen attend a two-day orientation session in June or July. You'll learn more about the College and U of M services, register for classes and meet other students.


Contact Avery Fessler (they/them/theirs)
Freshman Admissions Counselor

Direct: 612-301-2091
Toll-Free: 1-800-752-1000