Research Resources

State-of-the-Art Facilities

CFANS fields, greenhouses and laboratories translate cutting-edge science into everyday solutions for their communities, the state and beyond. Our ten research and outreach centers located throughout the state provide space for hands-on research and programming. These facilities are a unique and significant asset available to CFANS researchers.

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Unparalleled Partnerships

University and collegiate partnerships with public and private partners advance CFANS research and strengthen its impact. From collaborations with public schools in the heart of the city, to producers in rural Minnesota, to multinational corporations, our partnerships enrich and elevate the work we do.

Training & Guidance

The CFANS intranet serves as a resource for all faculty and staff to obtain guidance, tools, and training. CFANS research administration staff are also available to connect one-on-one to provide personalized information and instruction.

Research Reinforced is a seminar series designed to provide training and information to CFANS researchers; a different timely and relevant topic will be the focus of each event, with one held during the fall semester and one in the spring. Check the CFANS events calendar for upcoming seminars. 

Administrative Support

Staff in each CFANS unit assist researchers with pre-award proposal administration and post-award grant management. At the college level, CFANS research administration staff are on hand to provide further support and facilitate the processes required by college and University systems.


CFANS connects faculty, staff and students to potential funding sources by maintaining up-to-the-minute lists of current grant opportunities, acting as a forecasting resource for longer-term research, and providing project-specific information upon request. In addition, CFANS provides funding directly to researchers through the following internal, competitive programs:

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  • Avian Influenza Grant Program: 
    supports research to determine what is causing avian influenza, why some fowl are more susceptible, and what measures could be taken to prevent disease outbreaks (funding via MAES).    
  • Seed & Bridge Grant Program: competitively awards funds to CFANS faculty for the development and sustainment of research projects as federal proposals for future funding are prepared. Applications are accepted at any time, with reviews conducted and awards made quarterly.
  • Rapid Agricultural Response Fund: supports research and education programs that sustain Minnesota’s agricultural, horticultural and natural resource industries and integrate applied science with end-user education (funding via MAES). 
  • Forever Green Initiative Grant Program: supports projects that improve Minnesota's water quality, soil health, agricultural productivity, efficiency, and adaptability to variable economic and climate conditions. 
  • Small Grains Initiative: supports projects that initiate or accelerate problem-solving or opportunity research, and associated extension programs, and to sustain Minnesota's wheat and barley industry (funding via MAES). 

For more information about CFANS research and the resources included on this page, contact or visit the CFANS intranet (faculty and staff only).