Quarterly CFANS awards roundup

July 25, 2022

Celebrating the accomplishments of students, faculty and staff. 

In our quarterly celebration of award recipients across CFANS, we recognize students, faculty and staff who've received significant accolades. Congratulations to all recipients — we're CFANS proud of you! The list below highlights awards received and/or announced in April through June 2022.

UMN President's Community Engaged Scholar Award

  • Jessica Gutknecht, Soil, Water & Climate faculty
  • Laura Kalambokidis, Applied Economics faculty

UMN President’s Student Leadership and Service Award


  • Trey Feuerhelm, Forest and Natural Resource Management, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, and University Honors Program
  • Joshua Hauf, Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management
  • Tasha Reichhardt, Applied Economics, Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, and University Honors Program
  • Emilee Xayanourom, Agricultural Education
  • Rielle Swanson, Animal Science
  • Sonali Raghunath, Food Science and Nutrition 

UMN Institute for Advanced Study Research and Creative Collaborative

  • Mae Davenport, Forest Resources faculty

CFANS Honors and Awards

CFANS Distinguished Teaching Award for Undergraduate Tenured Faculty

  • Mary Rogers, Horticultural Science

CFANS Distinguished Teaching Award for Undergraduate Non-Tenured Faculty

  • Michael Dockry, Forest Resources

CFANS Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate Faculty

  • Tracy Twine, Soil, Water and Climate

CFANS Pioneering and Innovation Award

  • Anup Kollanoor Johny, Animal Science

Graduate Assistant Teaching Award

  • Rielle Swanson, Animal Science

CFANS Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Staff Award – Administrative Category

  • Tammi Pekkala Matthews, Entomology staff

CFANS Professional and Academic Award – Research Category 

  • Kelley Wells, Soil, Water and Climate staff

CFANS Professional and Academic Award – Other Professional Category

  • Laura Irish, Horticulture Science faculty

Distinguished Extension and Outreach Award

  • John Chapman, Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering faculty

Distinguished Diversity and Inclusion Award

  • Peter Morrell, Agronomy and Plant Genetics faculty

Dean E.M. Freeman Medal

  • Priscilla Trịnh, Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering graduate student

Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life Community Excellence Award

  • Grant McCormack, Student Services staff

University of Minnesota Communicators Forum Maroon Award for Writing

  • Aimee Gillespie, Soil, Water and Climate staff
  • Peter Neff, Soil, Water and Climate faculty

American Society of Horticultural Science Outstanding Leadership and Administration Award

  • Emily Hoover, Horticultural Science head

American Phytopathological Society North Central Division Early Career Award

  • Ashok Chanda, Plant Pathology faculty

Kingenta Agricultural Science Award

  • Yuxin Miao, Soil, Water and Climate faculty

American Institute for Surface Water Linsley Award

  • Bruce Wilson, Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering faculty

National Student Exchange Wendel Wickland Student Achievement Award

  • Adina Allen, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology alumna

Gerald O. Mott Meritorious Graduate Student Award in Crop Science

  • Jonathan Alexander, Soil, Water and Climate 

MnDRIVE Global Food Ventures Incoming Fellows

  • Vincenzo Averello, IV, Applied Plant Sciences
  • Jennifer Nicklay, Land & Atmospheric Science
  • Estephany Ortega, Food Science
  • Cainan Florentino, Animal Sciences
  • Stephen Gregg, Applied Plant Sciences
  • Dhananjai Prabhakarn, Animal Science
  • Brittany Kralik, Food Science
  • Jake Kundert, Land & Atmospheric Science
  • Lucas Roberts, Applied Plant Sciences
  • Rebekah Schulz, Food Science

MnDRIVE Global Food Ventures Outgoing Fellows

  • Mary Jane Espina, Applied Plant Sciences
  • Kate Fessler, Applied Plant Sciences
  • Gabriella Furo, Animal Science
  • Eduardo Garay Lagos, Land & Atmospheric Science
  • Kayla Law, Animal Science
  • Wes Mosher, Nutrition
  • Sonali Raghunath, Food Science
  • Tamas Varga, Land & Atmospheric Science
  • Jacob Vitt, Food Science

To submit awards for inclusion in the next roundup, please complete this form and be sure to select the "Share an award recipient and corresponding award information" drop-down option. The next roundup will be published on our website in early October and will include awards received and/or announced in July, August, and September 2022. 

Submission criteria: The CFANS awards roundup is intended for announcements/awards heavily focused on the recognition of current faculty, staff and students. In general, the awards featured are of major significance and/or given by a widely-known entity (not specific to groups known best by those in a single field). Individuals who are featured usually include faculty, dean designation or above, executive administration, or an administrative appointment that touches all departments/units in its function—for example, a director of equity and diversity. This general rule applies to student honorees as well. The awards roundup will be featured on the CFANS website and shared in our internal Purpose newsletter once per quarter. Our team will let you know whether or not your submission will be included. No photos necessary.