Student group spotlight: Meet the Tree Ascension Group

April 4, 2024
Student climbing in a tree

The students in the Tree Ascension Group (TAG) are certainly on their way up! Reestablished in fall 2022, the TAG's goal is to teach people rope and saddle arboricultural climbing skills in a safe, recreational environment to build and foster skills for use in future professional settings. 

TAG's meetings usually have around six to 10 members, with five or so relatively consistent members. Throughout the year TAG holds biweekly climbing and skill development meetings, as well as partnered events with the U of M's Arbor Day event. 


Tree Ascension Group members, some in a tree and some standing in front of it.

"Beyond the fact that tree ascension is a lot of fun to do, the club gives the opportunity for a lot of professional development," said TAG Secretary and Promotional Officer Henry Meyer. "Not only in the skills gained from learning to climb, but the teaching skills gained in having people teach these skills. Additionally it offers a lot of community building opportunities within the major."