Turning learners into leaders

June 6, 2022

Students arrive at CFANS talented, curious, and eager to make the world a better place. Our goal is to prepare them for success — not only in their first jobs, but in the jobs they’ll have 20 years from their graduation, many of which don’t even exist yet. 

Taught by some of the best faculty in the country, CFANS students learn to anticipate and adapt to a changing state and world. They go beyond the classroom through experiential learning, study abroad, and research that lets them solve real-world problems while earning their degrees. 

However, many students face cultural and economic barriers to attending the University of Minnesota. The CFANS Learners to Leaders Scholarship Initiative provides access and support for students who face the most obstacles — those from Greater Minnesota, from diverse backgrounds, and from low-income families. 

Today, CFANS supporters have the opportunity to invest $50,000 or more into an endowment to make college a reality for generations of undergraduate students. Through this initiative, your gift will be matched to have an even greater impact. 

You can select to support the Land-Grant Legacy Scholars Program (LGLS, helping students from Greater Minnesota); the Diversity in Food and Natural Resources Scholars program (DFNRS, helping students from diverse backgrounds); or the Bentson Scholarship Challenge (helping students with the greatest financial need). 

“CFANS is uniquely positioned to help our graduates address the grand challenges that we face as a society,” said CFANS Dean Brian Buhr. “We’re committed to playing a role in making this institution and all of the colleges and campuses more accessible to students.” 

If you’d like to support a brighter future for CFANS students who are our next generation’s leaders in driving a sustainable future, please call 612-626-3045 or email Echo Martin at mart1794@umn.edu.

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