Taking research from coursework to career

June 2, 2022

Alumna Trinity Alexander, BS ‘21 applied economics, uses her CFANS knowledge every day in her new career. An associate consultant with The Improve Group — a woman-owned company that partners with mission-driven organizations — she applies the data, research, and analysis skills she gained at CFANS to help her employer fulfill its vision of helping clients develop a more resilient, equitable, and thriving world. 

In her role, Alexander collects data, writes reports, and conducts qualitative and quantitative data analysis. “My research work, much of which was conducted with applied economics faculty, is essential to my work at The Improve Group,” said Alexander. “Much of my coursework, especially the econometrics and data-driven classes, have been helpful as I work in the research field.” 

Alexander is particularly appreciative of the support she received from CFANS faculty and teaching assistants. “They were always open to mentoring me even when they were super busy. Their guidance has really shaped my love for and desire to pursue research,” she said. 

Her research interests include human rights. “My focus on equity in the Pacific Islands comes largely from the fact that I am a Pacific Islander; I feel a special connection to helping people with similar backgrounds to my own,” said Alexander. “I would like people to know that human rights advocacy is something we can all do every day through a variety of channels, whether it be research, social media, volunteering, or simply having difficult conversations about equity.”

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