Integrated Food Systems Leadership Program (IFSL) accepting applications

July 8, 2021

The Integrated Food Systems Leadership (IFSL) program is designed to help professionals interested in the food system build a deeper understanding of all components, while developing critical leadership skills.

Participants build the skills and leadership mindset needed to address real-world food system challenges. They learn to think more broadly and become more effective problem solvers within their organization and across disciplines — locally, regionally, and globally.

Cohorts start in September with applications due by July 15. Applications can take up to one month to submit all items.

  • To date, 100% of IFSL graduates and 70% of the current IFSL cohort have accelerated their careers. Many have told us that the IFSL program was crucial to their advancement.

  • The IFSL program is entirely online, flexible, and designed specifically to meet the needs of busy professionals that are balancing careers, families, and the shifting pandemic-related working environments. The program lasts 14-months with an average of 10 hours of learning time each week.

  • The IFSL graduate certificate program can be extended with additional coursework to earn a Masters degree in Applied Sciences Leadership. The IFSL program contributes about half of the requirements.

  • Scholarships are available.