CFANS Policy Engagement Program

Policy Engagement Program

The CFANS Policy Engagement Program brings together students interested in natural resources, agricultural and environmental issues with policy leaders from throughout Minnesota. This in‐depth series provides students with an opportunity to work within the legislative process and gain an on‐the‐ground understanding of the methods and techniques used to influence our political process. Lessons‐learned span the policy, political, and advocacy spectrum. PEP Fellows have the unique opportunity to meet and work with contract lobbyists, state agency leaders, elected officials, issue advocates, and citizen crusaders. This perspective will allow students to get a good feel for the tensions between often‐competing interests —and how these tensions shape the political and legislative process.

Here's what one participant had to say:

"PEP takes the mystery out of the political process for CFANS students who may not yet have a background relating to public policy. Legislators, Laws, and Lobbyists can be intimidating territory but PEP is a phenomenal introduction to the people, policies and processes that constitute our government. The tools are made incredibly accessible to students. As a participant last year, I had numerous opportunities to speak with local policy makers who were always happy to share their experiences and answer questions. If you are studying policy or care about a particular issue, immense possibilities await you in the CFANS Policy Engagement Program."

As PEP Fellows, students accepted into the Policy Engagement Program participate in a series of 2.5‐hour meetings and a day at the Capitol, between October and April. 

Apply for the 2023-2024 program by Monday, September 25.