CFANS Study Abroad Grants

CFANS undergraduate students can apply for several different college-sponsored grants for international study. Awards are based on application quality as well as program merit and relevance to your study in CFANS.

A single application form is used for all of the below grants.

CFANS students in Iceland
CFANS students in Iceland
  • International Learning Grant: the International Learning Grant (ILG) provides funding for CFANS undergraduate students in good academic standing who participate in international study, internships, work or volunteer experiences as part of their academic degree program. The types of experiences that are funded range from two-week international field study seminars to academic year study abroad programs. Typical award amounts are $1,000 for short-term programs, $1,200 for semester programs, and $2,400 for academic year programs. This award can be applied to any study abroad experience that results in academic credit.
  • Go Global Grant: awarded by the Office of International Programs to CFANS undergraduate students in good academic standing who participate in a CFANS study abroad program. Up to twenty awards at $500 each are offered every academic year.
  • Diversity in Education Abroad GrantThe purpose of this grant is to expand access to study abroad for historically underrepresented student populations in CFANS. All students who contribute to diversity in CFANS are invited to apply. Up to eight awards at $2,500 each will be offered every academic year.


How to Apply:

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You must be a full-time undergraduate student currently enrolled in a major within the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS), in good academic standing, and making satisfactory progress toward an academic degree in CFANS.

The experience must result in academic credit being granted during or as a result of the experience, and occur in a foreign country in accordance with Regents’ policy on student travel.

Funds are not awarded to students who have already received CFANS study abroad grants and cannot be used by international students to return to their native country. Preference is given to students applying for their first international study abroad experience in college.



The application is currently closed and will reopen at the start of the Fall 2024 semester for the next awards cycle.

As mentioned above, a single application form is used for all three grants. Applicants who meet the required eligibility standards and who are participating in a CFANS study abroad program will be considered for the Go Global Grant as well as the International Learning Grant. An additional, optional section can be completed on the form for consideration for the Diversity in Education Abroad Grant.

Applications are reviewed by CFANS faculty and staff. We recommend writing and saving your essay(s) in a Word document before copying and pasting into the online form. The essay prompts are below. Please limit to 350 words each and be thoughtful in the presentation and quality of your essay responses in terms of grammar, style, and attention to detail.

Required essay for all applicants:

What motivated you to select your particular study abroad program? Address any academic, career, and/or personal goals that were part of your decision, and expand on how you think this specific program will help you reach those goals.

  • “Academic” goals do not need to be related to your major; we are looking for you to describe how the study abroad program coursework and/or components are relevant to your goals. 
  • Regardless of what type of goal(s) you are focusing on, explain how your goal(s) enhance your intellectual learning.

*Optional section for consideration for the Diversity in Education Abroad Grant:

  • Comment on how the study abroad program will benefit you, specifically in the context of your diverse experiences and perspectives.
  • Describe any systemic barriers you have faced in the process/decision to study abroad (culturally, financially, logistically, etc.)

University Requirements

University Requirements

  • Regents Policy requires all students to purchase supplemental health insurance for study abroad programs that includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. The cost of this insurance is built into all CFANS Office of International Programs study abroad opportunities and most U of M Learning Abroad Center program fees.
  • Students are held responsible to meet student conduct code, financial aid and the credit transfer process procedures.
  • No student may travel to a country or location designated as Level 3 or 4 by the U.S. Department of State unless a request for exemption has been made and approval received for travel through ITRAAC.

All students are required to read, sign and submit a release & waiver document prior to travel.