Student Identities and Study Abroad

Meet with OIP Staff

If you would like to discuss any part of the study abroad process from how to select a program, to the application, to how your identities may be experienced while abroad, we are more than happy to meet with you one-on-one and answer any questions you may have.

To schedule an appointment, visit or email contact to schedule an advising meeting with an OIP staff member outside of those hours.

As an office, we work in partnership with the CFANS Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity Scholarships & Grants

In addition to scholarships available through the Learning Abroad Center, CFANS students are also eligible for a number of CFANS study abroad scholarships, including the Diversity in Education Abroad Grant. The purpose of this grant is to expand access to study abroad for historically underrepresented student populations in CFANS. Grants totaling up to $2,500 are awarded to eight students each academic year. 

The CFANS Passport Program aids students in removing one of the first barriers to studying abroad: obtaining a passport. The program assists eligible first-time passport applicants with the application process, and also covers fees associated with obtaining a passport.