CFANS Graduate Student Board

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The mission of the CFANS Graduate Student Board (GSB) is to improve the CFANS graduate experience, foster community, and serve as a link between students, administration, and alumni.

Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate communication between graduate students, faculty, administration, and the alumni of CFANS
  • Participate directly in discussions and provide input on issues that concern graduate student academic and professional life
  • Inform peer graduate students of leadership and development opportunities

GSB Grants: all CFANS graduate students are eligible to apply. Applications are due November 4, 2020 and April 4, 2021. Click on each grant link below to read more about application criteria.

Questions, concerns, or want to become more involved? Email


CFANS Graduate Student Board Executive Team

Board Member Role Program 
Michelle Boone      Chair Entomology 
Yuan-Tai Hung Vice Chair        Animal Science
Caroline Pierce Treasurer Land and Atmospheric Science 
Wes Mosher Communications Coordinator  Nutrition 
Lisa Chou Secretary Food Science
Marie Monter Advisor  Graduate Programs Specialist
Mary Buschette Advisor Director of Alumni Relations


Graduate Student Board: Program Contacts 

Program Representative Alternate
Animal Science Yuan-Tai Hung  Mateus Peiter
Applied Economics Corissa Marson Wahead Rahman
Applied Plant Sciences Sharon Perrone Cody Hoerning
Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering & Management Siane Luzzi  
Conservation Sciences  Aaron Morris Anna Peschel
Entomology Michelle Boone Rafael Aita
Food Science Lisa Chou Radhika Bharathi
Land and Atmospheric Science   Caroline Pierce Sonia Menegaz
Natural Resources Science and Management Hannah Legatzke  Austin Yantes
Nutrition  Wes Mosher Michelle Bascom
Plant Pathology Nick Greatens   Davy DeKrey
Water Resources Science Tammy Walsky Claire Simmerman


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