CFANS Graduate Student Board

Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate communication between graduate students, faculty, administration, and the alumni of CFANS
  • Participate directly in discussions and provide input on issues that concern graduate student academic and professional life
  • Inform peer graduate students of leadership and development opportunities

GSB Grants:

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CFANS Graduate Student Board Executive Team

Board Member



Kendal Burstad   Chair Nutrition
Philip Margarit Vice Chair        Water Resources Science
Manny Sabbagh Treasurer Land and Atmospheric Science 
Sudario Roberto Silva Jr.  Communications Animal Science
Madisen Gittlin Secretary BBSEM
Anne Ruud Advisor  Graduate Programs Specialist
Mary Buschette Advisor Director of Alumni Relations

Graduate Student Board: Program Contacts 




Animal Science Sudario Roberto Silva Jr. Emily Jacobson
Applied Economics Rebecca Weir Uma Parasuram
Applied Plant Sciences Carlos Sanchez Reneth Millas
Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering & Management Madisen Gittlin Koushik Sampath
Conservation Sciences  Harshini Jhala Roger Faust
Entomology Tina Lozano VACANT
Food Science Takehiro Murai VACANT
Land and Atmospheric Science   Manny Sabbagh Kade Flynn
Natural Resources Science and Management Aaron Hinz Luiza Lucena
Nutrition  Kendal Burstad Zahra Moazzami
Plant Pathology José Solórzano Andrew Mann
Water Resources Science Philip Margarit Leslie Ludtke