Pre-Veterinary Medicine

If you dream of someday becoming a veterinarian, the CFANS Animal Science major or Fisheries and Wildlife major have options for fulfilling pre-veterinary school requirements.

The Pre-Vet programs in these majors are designed to meet the U of M's College of Veterinary Medicine entrance requirements. If you complete these Pre-Vet programs and decide not to apply to veterinary or graduate school, you'll still be well prepared for a professional career in animal-related, pharmaceutical, or biotechnological industries.



Animal Science, Pre-Vet: Students in the Animal Science major can choose the Pre-Veterinary Medicine / Science track. This will prepare you for entrance to veterinary school. Coursework includes physiology, nutrition, reproduction, genetics, and applied biotechnology. To learn more, see the Pre-Veterinary section of this Department of Animal Science page.

Fisheries and Wildlife, Pre-Vet: When you major in Fisheries and Wildlife, you have the option of adding a Pre-Vet emphasis to your studies. This will help prepare you for entrance to veterinary school. Coursework includes chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology. To learn more, see a Sample 4-Year Plan and other pre-vet requirements on this Department of Fisheries and Wildlife page.

VetFAST Program (for food animals), Animal Science: Freshmen or sophomores in the Animal Science major may want to consider the U of M's VetFAST Program (Veterinary Food Animal Scholars Program). The U of M developed this unique program to meet the high demand for veterinarians trained to work with livestock and food production animals. This includes dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, and goats. The VetFAST Program gives you accelerated access to veterinary school, exemption from the GRE, and a shorter graduate program.