Food Science

The Food Science major provides a strong scientific foundation applied to food. You’ll learn about chemistry, microbiology, physics and technology as they relate to the scientific components of food, and to the creation of food.

Food Scientists can transform raw materials into new food products. For example, corn can be changed into a beverage, seaweed into salad dressing, milk into cheese. Existing foods can be improved so they’re safer, have longer shelf life, are more convenient, more nutritious, or tastier.

The CFANS Food Science program provides students with cutting-edge research and hands-on learning experiences in modern labs. Students often go on to careers in food production, processing, and research and development for new food products, as well as the research and monitoring of food safety, and much more.

Typical employers are food companies, manufacturers, public health organizations, government agencies such as the FDA or USDA, and universities. Some Food Science majors even go on to pursue graduate degrees in order to deepen their scientific knowledge and to further specialize.


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