Artemisia Past Seminars

2022 Seminars

Lunch and Learn - Picture a Scientist

Join Artemisia and the CFANS Office for Diversity and Inclusion for a facilitated discussion surrounding the award-winning, documentary film Picture a Scientist. You can view the trailer here.

2021 Seminars

Advocates and Allies for Equality with Thomas James

Dr. Thomas James, professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University, will talk about the importance of programs that support male allies and advocates for inclusion in STEM which is critical to efforts aimed at closing gender, racial, and other gaps in workforces and educational environments. Watch the December 15, 2021 recording.

Fireside Chat with Heather Anfang

Senior VP of Dairy Foods at Land O'Lakes, Heather Anfang, shares the struggles and triumphs of how she successfully managed an amazing career with Land O’Lakes through working part-time while raising her children and returning to become a senior vice president. Watch the October 7, 2021 recording.

A Conversation with Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel T.A. Croson

Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel T.A. Croson will provide brief remarks about her professional journey, keys to her success, and the challenges she faced along the way. Watch the April 22, 2021 recording.

Escape from "LA LA LAnd"

Dr. Juanita Merchant will talk about her career path, one that is still unusual given that only 3-5% of academic faculty are under-represented minorities, and the strategies she used to achieve success in the academy. Watch the March 15, 2021 recording.

Emotional Mastery for Successful Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

Katharine Zaleski, co-founder of PowerToFly, will discuss Emotional Mastery as key to success in launching any project, including your own career. Watch the February 24, 2021 recording.

2020 Seminars

Navigating the Changing Climate of Job Opportunities

A panel of 3 accomplished women from industry will share their perspectives on questions related to the changing climate of job opportunities: Brenda LeMire, vice president, human resources, Starbucks; Amy Meiners, retail and consumer product goods industry expert; Lisa R. Robinson, vice president, Global Food Safety and Public Health within the Research, Development & Engineering function of Ecolab Inc.; and moderator Mary Wagner, CFANS alumna and founding supporter of the Artemisia Leadership Initiative. Watch the December 16, 2020 recording.

Dismantling Racism in Environmental Policy

Shalini Gupta, writer, researcher and environmental justice activist. Watch the October 29, 2020 recording.

Women Leading Change

*Co-sponsored by CFANS Office for Diversity & Inclusion
Artika R. Tyner, PhD, University of St. Thomas School of Law Director of the Center on Race, Leadership, and Social Justice. Watch the October 2, 2020 recording.

Explorations in Innovation

Anne Hall, PhD, Technology Portfolio Manager, UMN Technology Commercialization and Carla Pavone, PhD, Associate Director of the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship, UMN. Watch the September 17, 2020 recording.

Gender Equity and Myths of Merit 

Marlene Zuk, PhD, Associate Dean of Faculty, UMN College of Biological Sciences
No recording of the February 13, 2020 event is available.

2019 Seminars

Fostering Change, Within and Without

Kate VandenBosch, PhD, UW-Madison Dean. 
Watch the November 22, 2019 recording.

Making Room for Innovation

Jessica Stalbaum, Program Manager, Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator
Watch the November 7, 2019 recording.

Authentic Leadership

Laura Bishop, Commissioner, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Watch the October 3, 2019 recording.

Leadership Lessons: A Culinary Inspired Journey

Kris Zilliox, Vice President, Training, Global Institutional at Ecolab
Watch the April 18, 2019 recording.

Be Who You Are: How to Avoid the Attack of the Body-Snatchers

Joana Montenegro, Vice President of Dairy Foods Research and Development, Land O'Lakes
Watch the February 28, 2019 recording.

2018 Seminars

Success and Failure: Reframing Resilience

Shefali Mehta, Executive Director of Soil Health Partnership | November 8, 2018

Don’t judge a book by its cover: when implicit bias derails advancement

Helga Van Miegroet, PhD, Professor Emerita, Utah State University
Watch the April 3, 2018 recording.

Women's Role in Conservation

Becky Humphries, Chief Executive Officer, The National Wild Turkey Federation, and former MI DNR Director
Watch the March 6, 2018 recording.

The Fork in the Road

Provost Karen Hanson, PhD, U of MN Executive Vice President and Provost
Watch the February 22, 2018 recording.

2017 Seminars

Negotiating for Salary and Promotions

Veronica Vallejo, Trait Discovery and Crop Data Sciences Lead, PepsiCo | November 28, 2017

Unleashing the Power of Servant Leadership

Lynn Casey, CEO at Padilla | November 2, 2017

The Power of Mentoring

Stacey Fowler, Sr. Vice President Product Innovation at Schwans
Watch the October 3, 2017 recording.