CFANS Adapts: Podcast roundup

May 19, 2020

Here's what we're listening to while we continue to practice safe social distancing and work from home when possible.

Cover images for four CFANS-related podcasts.
  • Camp 8 podcast is a biweekly podcast hosted by Associate Extension Professor Eli Sagor and Forest Manager and Research Coordinator Kyle Gill of the Cloquet Forestry Center. Episodes highlight voices from the Minnesota woods including those of foresters, wildlife managers, researchers, landowners, and others. The podcast launched in spring 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, as a way to keep folks connected during a time that many felt isolated.
  • Listen to Hooked on Science to keep up with research going on in the world. Is that article you see on your newsfeed legit? Or is it just click bait? Every other Wednesday, join Julija Cubins, an agronomy and plant genetics doctoral student and life-long lover of science, as she interviews expert guests who are conducting interesting and impactful research. Whether you're already hooked on science or you just want something to talk about at lunch tomorrow, this is the podcast for you.
  • With Soil Stories with Nic and Leanna, two soil experts—Soil, Water and Climate Assistant Professor Nic Jelinski, PhD, and graduate student Leanna Leverich—"dig deep" into topics related to soil science. Originally designed to adapt a soil science course to an online format, this podcast is a resource for anyone interested in learning more about factors affecting soil.
  • "What's Killing My Kale?" is a UMN Extension podcast co-hosted by Horticultural Science Assistant Extension Professor Annie Klodd and Extension Educator Natalie Hoidal, featuring several CFANS experts that discuss research-based solutions to pest issues affecting fruit and vegetable crops.

Three ways to listen to podcasts:

  • Listen to an episode in your web browser.
  • Subscribe on iTunes.
  • Search for the podcast name on your favorite podcast app, such as Stitcher or Spotify, on your phone or tablet.
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