Narrative structure: Why and how to tell a good story

Wednesday, December 6, 12–2 p.m.

335 Borlaug Hall

Learn how to make every one of your presentations transformative by addressing your audience’s needs and wants before, during and even after you speak.


This session will be led by Brian Sostek, an award-winning writer, choreographer, director, performer, and teacher who brings the best practices of the performing arts world to bear on the dynamic challenges of oral science communication. As a passionate, patient, and playful educator and coach, he has spent decades leading students to make effective, objective-based connections with their audiences through a rigorous, well-researched, and time-tested approach to building their skills. Brian has been a member of the University of Minnesota faculty since 2002.

Sponsored by the UMN Plant Breeding Center, with funding from the Hamm endowment.