Male Advocates & Allies for Equity

Wednesday, December 15, Noon - 1 p.m.
Artemisia work mark with woman standing inside a flower with her hands up in the air.

The Artemisia Leadership Initiative is pleased to invite you to a seminar on “Male Advocates and Allies for Equity” with guest speaker Dr. Thomas James from Indiana University. 

Programs to support male allies and advocates for inclusion in STEM are critical to efforts aimed at closing gender, racial, and other gaps in workforces and educational environments. This session will highlight an example of a successful program at Indiana University Bloomington, which is modeled on work initially done through NSF’s ADVANCE program at North Dakota State University. 

Advocates and Allies for Equity (A&A) is a group of male faculty at IU Bloomington, working as an auxiliary to the Center of Excellence for Women & Technology, interfacing primarily with other men, to promote and support efforts toward gender equity. This session will give a brief overview of A&A’s organization and its content offerings, followed by a discussion of challenges overcome and challenges remaining, specifically emphasizing learning of actionable skills to promote gender equity in the workplace.


Thomas James

Dr. Thomas James is a professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington. He co-chairs the department’s Diversity Advancement Committee and is the Faculty Director of the campus’ male Allies and Advocates for Equity program, which is an auxiliary of the Center of Excellence for Women in Technology. His research focuses on the role of sensory systems in decision making. His research on sensory evidence accumulation as a neural mechanism of object recognition has been recognized by the Organization for Human Brain Mapping. His mentorship of women has been recognized by the Indiana University Center of Excellence for Women in Technology.