Undergraduate Graduation and Commencement Information

Apply for degree

When you have completed (including current registration) 75% or more of the credits applicable toward your degree, you will be automatically scheduled to graduate. Degree-applicable credits include:

  • Major requirements
  • Liberal education requirements
  • Writing intensive requirements
  • Elective requirements to meet minimum degree credits

Contact your advisor for more information.

If at any point in time this information becomes incorrect or your plans change, submit a Request to Change Expected Graduation Term form.

For students who have completed 90 degree credits and wish to apply early, the "Apply to Graduate" link will appear in MyU: Academics. If needed, complete the apply to graduate form before the deadline for each term

Commencement Ceremony

The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) has one commencement ceremony each year in May. All students who have completed—or will be completing—their degree during the academic year are invited to attend the commencement event. Click here for a list of FAQs about your ceremony.