Instructions for accessing CFANS Lab computers remotely

A number of the computers in the CFANS Labs have been set up for remote access via Apps To Go. Follow this procedure to access computers in the following computer labs. Instructors will have to provide CFANS IT a list of student internet id's for accessing the lab computers. Email

  • 105 Bio Ag Engineering
  • 220 Food Science and Nutrition (NDSR)
  • 445 Haecker Hall
  • 50 Coffey Hall (Adobe Cloud)

Each computer lab has unique software. To determine which lab will suit your needs, please reference the CFANS Computer Lab Software list.

Steps to access lab computers:

  1. Install the Citrix Workspace software
  2. Next open a web browser and open the url
  3. Click on Desktop icon at the top of the web page
  4. Click on one of the computer lab icons; CFANS-Coffey50, CFANS - BIO105, CFANS - FSCN220 or CFANS - HCKR445
  5. Click on the downloaded file to access the lab computer.

Attention: The computer labs have maintenance windows for patching weekdays 3am-6am and Sat/Sunday 1am-6am. 

If you have issues installing the Citrix workspace or accessing the lab computers, please call 1-HELP or email