Frequently Asked Questions: CFANS DEI Strategic Plan

Everyone in the CFANS community is responsible for our DEI strategic plan. Thank you for the time and energy each of you has invested thus far as we continue to build a more equitable college. We will add questions and answers to this page in an ongoing way as our strategic plan implementation phase continues. 

Our CFANS Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), and the CFANS Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) will serve as the central implementation groups. Starting in spring semester 2022 the implementation groups will begin to meet with departments, units, Research and Outreach Centers, the Bell Museum, and the Arboretum to begin mapping initiatives and goals to the CFANS DEI strategic plan.

Glossary of Terms

  • ODI – Office for Diversity and Inclusion
  • CDI – Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
  • BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
  • LGBTQIA+ – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Plus

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What are the next steps now that the plan has been launched?

The CFANS DEI Strategic Plan is intended to drive the DEI efforts across the College. The goal is to use this plan as a tool for future planning and coordination at all levels. Everyone is responsible for engaging with this document. Beginning in spring semester 2022, CFANS ODI will be setting up meetings within the departments, units, Bell Museum, and the Arboretum as well as the various DEI committees across CFANS to discuss how they might utilize the DEI strategic plan. 

Does the DEI strategic plan have a timeframe?

The CFANS DEI Strategic Plan was designed as a three- to five-year endeavor. In the first year, we will be navigating and learning how to use this plan going forward. Each unit will be able to map to the high-level goals and will set its own impact factors and resource management. A built-in expectation is that the plan will be reviewed periodically.

Is there special funding for DEI efforts?

There is not a special fund set aside. The College and the departments, units, and centers will be responsible for determining if and when funding is needed. 

Who is responsible for the actions and strategies?

At the collegiate level, ODI and the Dean’s Council will be reviewing the action and strategies and identifying college-level ownership for each section. Once ownership has been identified, then the owner will work to identify any resources or support needed to fulfill the actions and strategies. 

At the goal level each department, unit, or center will be responsible for identifying actions and strategies, as well as the resources needed. ODI is not solely responsible for each goal, action, or strategy, but it does take on the role of leadership for the College. If you have questions or concerns about the plan please contact ODI at