CFANS Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals with a strong interest in strengthening the college's commitment in the areas of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. Members of the team come from staff, faculty, students and community partners. Representation includes participants from across the campus. We are committed to identifying and implementing a strategic change agenda that encourages the College to reflect the interests, aspirations and cultural richness of our extended community. Specific recommendations and action items to accomplish this agenda are forwarded to administrative leadership through the Director of Diversity Programs for CFANS.

It is essential to the mission of the college that the talent of each member of our community is fully realized in a manner consistent with the goals of an inclusive organization. We are committed to effecting positive change through innovative planning, regular evaluation, community participation, offering training and providing incentives for demonstrating leadership in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

Formal Charge of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CFANS Standing Committee)

Responsibilities: The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is charged with providing advice and counsel to the FCC, Director of Diversity Programs, Dean and other collegiate leadership bodies on initiatives supporting systemic approaches to:

  • Increasing diversity and building an inclusive environment in the workplace (faculty and staff)
  • Developing recommendations and strategies for increasing underrepresented student populations
  • Supporting efforts to develop cross-cultural scholarship
  • Creating innovation through diversity
  • Other issues regarding diversity and inclusion that require attention in a premier institution of higher learning
  • Forwarding appropriate policy recommendations to FCC for inclusion on the Assembly docket
  • Assessing evaluation needs for diversity and inclusion in collegiate programs
  • The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion shall report upon its activities to the FCC at least once each semester

For more information about the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, contact the CFANS Office of Diversity and Inclusion at